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After a 20 year international career with the United Nations, the US government and the private sector,
I've decided to harness my hunger for personal development by becoming a life & executive coach.
I'm a certified Strategic Intervention Coach through the Robbins-Madanes Training based in London, UK.
I'm a wife and a mom of three kids under 12.
My academic background is in Communications and International Relations.
My work experience is in Risk Management and Compliance, Process Improvement and Assurance,
Audit Management, Operations. I'm a Certified Fraud Examiner. 
I'm an achiever and explorer who has lost and found herself on multiple occasions, learned to experiment,
come out of her shell and trust the world.
I'm regularly excited and scared shitless. I treat it as a sign of living and growth.
I look at life as a fascinating journey where some stays are luxurious and some are wild.
And everything in between... but mostly luxury.  
I feel most alive when I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and helping others do the same, 
when I'm travelling & exploring, playing tennis, reading and writing.

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Before I started my coaching sessions, I was curious – how is it possible, within a span of few hourly sessions, without knowing my life, while living in a different country and even part of the world to suggest something, to help, or to change?  Now having spent a few sessions with Baiba as a life coach, I can confirm that it’s all possible! My daily rhythm usually doesn’t allow me to take a break, to think and take stock of my life, my wishes, the direction in which I’m going. My sessions were easy and pleasant yet valuable and necessary. Surprising, but I’ve accomplished what others are talking about, writing about, and yearning for. Baiba helped me take a good look at my life. When I thought about writing this review, my first thought was that the coaching experience had been similar to taking a tour at a museum with a tour guide who helped me examine the “masterpiece of my life” in great detail. I noticed things I haven’t seen before, learned new things, or discovered my blind spots that I overlooked because as I was watching my “masterpiece” too closely. Baiba helped me recognize my strengths and minimize the negatives. During our sessions, I learned which direction to take and what I can do to achieve my goal. It was also useful to recognize the intent behind my actions and now doing the same things on a daily basis brings me joy! Surprisingly, changes in my mindset and actions triggered positive changes in my family members’ actions. Taking this pause with Baiba has allowed me to continue my life consciously.

The most valuable thing was that I had a whole hour dedicated to achieving MY DREAM. When I would concentrate on that and I got to join forces with someone else whose goal was to help me achieve my dream. Something that I didn't have the audacity to admit to myself, was suddenly made IMPORTANT. Just as it should be, but rarely is. Now I think we should all have someone like that in our lives, to keep us on track, even if we're already on the right path.

It was very interesting. Shortly before starting coaching, I worked with a therapist and we mostly focused on my past. But I didn’t really understand what I should do in the present and moving forward. And then the universe gave me an opportunity to work with a coach. Work through my ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’. We went through my current issues, where I could take them from here, what actions I could take, the best ways to achieve the result I was after. The sessions were easy-going, time was flying, which I think is a good sign that working with Baiba is interesting and comfortable. She always listens and, in a very delicate yet very precise way, notes where I’ve got work to do! It doesn’t take long to achieve the result when I put coaching advice into practice. I have gained more inner confidence in those areas of my life that we focused on. That is definitely positive! And I’m hoping to continue this wonderful experience.

Working with Baiba was a great experience for me as a first-timer to coaching. I realized I had been feeling "stuck" for a while in terms of where I wanted to go with my career and my interests, so I decided to give coaching a try. Baiba worked with me to identify my big goals and then she helped me break them down into smaller steps, not just looking at the practical side of what needs to be done, but also looking at the psychological aspect, something that I found especially valuable. She was able to help me find new perspectives and approaches towards certain things that I find tricky to do or stressful to think about, because after all, having both a plan of attack and a positive mindset plays a big role in the way one approaches challenges. Her calm, positive nature during our sessions encouraged me to start feeling excited about my journey and all the possibilities I have in front of me. I still have a long way to go, but working with Baiba gave me the gentle nudge I needed to get going and start working towards my goals.

I can’t thank Baiba enough for listening to me and helping me work through my issues of overwhelm and stress. She’s been so attentive and inventive and I really appreciate how she presented a different perspective, right when I needed it the most. Baiba always followed up to see the progress I am making and kept me accountable for the steps I wanted to take and that made such a huge difference in creating a sustainable change in my life. I couldn’t recommend Baiba more- I am really grateful for working with her! Thank you so much, Baiba!

I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with me about my career aspirations. The conversation was very helpful as it helped me to see how I can take advantage of the resources and opportunities available in my office in order to gain the experience necessary to move me to my long term goal. Thanks again and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

It was a very useful coaching session that is helping me put into perspective what some of my choices can be and how I can act on them for more impact. The session helped bring to light that having a project that brings me satisfaction can also help me find more satisfaction in my current work. Thank you for taking the time to encourage me.

Our sessions gave me a lot.
First of all, it was your unconditional support. I didn't need to prove anything and felt valued just as I am. Second, you created a truly comfortable environment full of trust, when I could just be myself and wasn't scared to share, sometimes not the most pleasant things. 
After our sessions, the issues we discussed "magically" resolved on their own. I found energy within me; the necessary situations materialized.
I really felt your professional high-level approach 👌

I'm very grateful 💕

I wish you success and clients with whom you can grow even more 💚🤗

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